Title I - Basic Skills

As part of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act/Every Student Succeeds Act, the Highlands Elementary School District Board of Education receives Federal Title I Targeted Assistance to support programs.  In planning these programs, consideration is given to the following:

  • Extended learning time
  • Providing a high-quality curriculum
  • Minimizing "pull-out" instruction
  • Providing instruction by highly qualified staff
  • Upgrading staff skills through additional training
  • Using strategies to increase parent involvement
  • Supporting the regular educational program

The district Title I Program is designed to meet educational needs of those students identified as scoring below the district's minimum standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and/or Mathematics.   Entrance criteria for students to be eligible for our Title I services and the process for involving parents are as follows:

  • All students are assessed yearly through state, district, and classroom assessments to determine achievement levels.
  • Students that score below state/district established minimum levels of proficiency in ELA or Math are then screened by a Title I teacher/staff, with input from the classroom teacher about the student's daily functioning in the classroom setting.
  • Strategies to help students improve targeted skills identified as being below minimum proficiency levels will be developed.
  • Working closely with the classroom teacher, a structured, focused program of instruction is provided to each individual student with supplementary services that are directly applicable to the general classroom setting.
  • Parents of eligible Title I students receive a letter explaining their child's placement in the Title I Program and Home School Parent Compact.
  • An annual Title I parent meeting takes place for parents of participating Title I students.
  • All Title I students will receive a variety of services in ELA and/or Math in a variety of contexts. 
  • Some Title I students may also be offered optional before or after school instruction.
  • Title I instruction in grade level subject areas are integrated with Core Curriculum Content Standards as established by the NJ Dept. of Education.

The "exit criteria" for students in the Title I programs will be based on multiple measures and a conference with the parents and teachers, including, where applicable, benchmark assessments (unit tests in LAL/Math), as well as assessments provided by the Title I provider(s).  If you have further questions about the program, please contact the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Christina Egan or the HES Principal, Daniel Layton: 732-872-1476, extension 11.