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Week of Sept 16th

HES Back to School Night is on Thurs., Sept. 19th at 6 PM.  

Fri., Sept. 20th is a 1:00 Day!! 

Week of Sept 16th


This week the students will continue to learn about skills & strategies that are utilized with Realistic Fiction text.  These skills and strategies include:

sequencing events in a story, identifying problems and solutions in a story, and writing complete sentences to respond to a question. 

Skills Assessment Test (Reading Skill)

       The first Reading Test will be on Thurs., Sept 19th.   

You can help your child prepare for this by reading with them on a regular basis.  A book on your child's level will be sent home each Wednesday.  Please have your child read this book out loud to you.  

Spelling Test - Fri., Sept. 27th 

 The first Spelling Word List will be sent home on Mon., Sept. 23rd.

Students should study these words for 5-10 minutes each night. 

Weekly Spelling HW
Monday - Rainbow Words 
Tuesday - Pyramid Words
Wednesday - Study Spelling Words & Read with your Child
Thursday - 3 x Each



This week we are going to continue to review place value.  In addition, we will start to discuss rounding and how to round numbers to given place values.  Finally, we will also continue to find sums of two 4-6 digit numbers.  The first math test will be on Thurs., Sept. 19th.  

Please review your child's HW with them each night.  This is the best way to reinforce the skills and strategies that are being taught in class.  In addition, students are required to show their work for all word problems.