Jessica Somma

Welcome to Miss Somma's Enrichment Class!


 My name is Jessica Somma. I graduated from  Rowan University with a degree in Elementary Education and English. From a young age, I knew I wanted to teach. My passion for language arts and the arts fuel my ever-growing desire to learn.

Educational Philosophy

I believe a strong educator should nurture and provide the attention needed to ensure a child’s productiveness in society. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. An effective teacher should provide a learning environment that promotes educational equality. The purpose of education is to promote community involvement, strong social skills, and employment possibilities. Children need encouragement and guidance as they mature and develop their personalities and interests. I believe all educators should provide this support and show up for students each day. Parental support and cooperation are vital to the academic success of a student. I will always go above and beyond to ensure all students receive equal opportunities for academic success.

There are various definitions for the word gifted. Here are a few that most closely align with my educational philosophy:

  • Giftedness can be defined as "a greater awareness, a greater sensitivity, and a greater ability to understand and to transform perceptions into intellectual and emotional experiences" (How the gifted cope with their emotions. Roeper Review, 5(2), 21-24, 1982).

  • New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:8-3.1 defines students who are gifted and talented as those students who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability in one or more content areas when compared to their chronological peers in the local district and who require modification of their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities.

All coursework is available on your child's Google Classroom. Please contact me if you have not received a notification to be added as a gaurdian. Virtual work will be posted on Wedneday
Basic guidelines; 
  • Log on Google Classroom every day 
  • Save ALL work. Label each loose worksheet with your name, date, and the assignment it corresponds with.
  • Feel free to print assignments but know it is not required.
  • Be sure to read ALL directions to find out how your work is to be handed back.
  • I will be designating times that I will be available for a Google Meet (sort of like Google Hangout) for ALL students that need assistance.
  • If you need additional help we can work out a way to get you what you need. Remember that I am here and ready to work with you! I am set up to completely teach from home so feel free to reach out for anything you could think of.
  • If you are in need of some sort of school supply we can try to get it from the school. 

Ido not expect your children to spend all day working. Use your judgment, if they are struggling to complete the workload reaches out for pacing suggestions. We wanted to ensure that your child is given the same opportunities that they would in school. 

*Students, please remember that YOU are in charge of your education. This is not a vacation. It is an opportunity to utilize and practice everything you have learned over the past few months. Use your time wisely and stay safe! 


-Miss Somma 

This will be a productive and interesting experience for all of us. Let's make the best of it!