Lena Culp


SECOND GRADE- Math, Science, and Health


TEACHER INTRODUCTION:  My name is Mrs. Lena Culp. This will be the beginning of my 24th year teaching. I will use this page to post homework, special school events, and special classroom events.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with you and your children.



Week of 4-29-19 to 5-3-19

Monday: Math: 2A- add/subtract  2B-add/subtraction

                Science:  none   

Tuesday: Math:  2B- add/subtract & 2A- add/subtract

                Science:  none

 Wednesday:  Math:  2B- add/subtract & 2A- add/subtract

                         Science:  none

Thursday: Math:  2B- add/subtract & 2A- add/subtract

                  Science: none     

Friday:  2nd grade:  continue math facts drills- Addition and Subtraction Facts; part-part Whole mats; Number line counting; Hundred chart  



Sites: www.starfall.comwww.studyisland.com  www.sumdog.comwww.hitthebutton.com (GREAT WEBSITES)


School News:

April 29- Board of Education Meeting at 6:00pm

May 3- PTO Kings Court


We are working in our new series called Ready Math this school year.

December:  Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction
Multiple Select answers still working with
Word problems explaining the answer that is incorrect- error

January:  Solve One-Step Word Problems with Two-Digit Numbers
Lesson 10:  Three-Digit Numbers: read, write, place value

February:  Lesson 11:  Finding the Value of Three-Digit Numbers, Adding Three-Digit Numbers

March- Adding Three-Digit Numbers, Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers

April/May- Adding Several Two-Digit Numbers, Measurement- inches, centimeters, yards, and meters 

Science notes: 

Unit A:  Life Science

We already started with Chapter 3- How Plants and Animal Live Together. 
We are continuing to work on Chapter 3 with reading, text questions, and workbook pages.

Chapter 4- How Living Things Grow and Change
Life Cycles
textbook, workbook, question, and drawing work continues

Read In Science:  Infer

Chapter 8- Properties of Matter

Read In Science:  Target Skill- Drawing Conclusions

Experiments with sand, clay, making food mixtures, potting soil

Chapter 5- Earth's Land, Air, and Soil- experiment making erosion with soil


Character Education:   We will be working with Citizenship.  We will be creating a good citizen quilt, trace our hands with good citizen ideas, reading blurbs- deciding if good citizen- yes or no and reading stories.

We are starting to talk about Character Education trait- Compassion
Writing- Once I helped my friend by...
Acrostic Poem
Compassion Clown Bulletin board
Compassion scramble

Fairness:  Fairness Rules bulletin board, Chart:  fair and not the same, riddle worksheet

Honesty- song, write a story with 2 sentence starters,  comprehension story

Integrity- Do the right thing, do not steal, tell the truth, Bulletin board "Bee" the best person you can be
We made Integrity pennants/banners and self portraits

Perseverance- April- song/ introduction