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Welcome to Mrs. Toye's Web page

Welcome to a new school year, 

Cooperation and communication between school and home are key to a successful year.  I look forward to meeting the children and their families.
I also look forward to the exciting learning that will take place this year.

 Breakfast is served each morning in class. It is offered to each child. If you do not want your child to eat breakfast in school please let me know. 

Children should bring a healthy snack to school each day. We have snack in the afternoon. 

Kindergarten lunch on full days begins at 




Special Schedule


Monday - Gym, Library/Media

Tuesday - Spanish, Music

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Computers

Friday - Art


Learning News

Language Arts - 

Sight words - 

Sight Words
The importance of sight words and high frequency words - these words are the most commonly occurring words while reading. Learning sight words and recognizing them quickly assists the students in understanding what they read. They won't need to slow down to figure them out.

The letters  - 
We  work on letter and sound recognition daily. 
Quick recognition of  letters will assist with word recognition.
We also practice sounding out the letters to write words. Three letter words with a short vowel in the middle are the types of words currently practiced.
The students are also being introduced to the long vowel sounds and silent e.
The digraphs ch, wh, th, ck are new sounds the students are learning to read and write in words. 

Concepts to be reviewed - sight words, letters and sounds, especially if your child is still struggles with letter recognition or letter/sound association. 

Writing - As the children are taught to write their letters and names, they are taught that the letter stroke should always begin at the top and "pull down". This action could be reinforced at home as they practice what they have learned in school.

Written response - The children also work on writing a response to a prompt. This is where the children are learning to write sentences. I am very proud of the children's progress made to date. The children are learning to use a combination of sight words and sound spellings to write words to complete a sentence. They also are learning to use an end mark to finish their sentence. 


Math - 

Counting to 100 is the goal for kindergarten students. We will work on this skill through the year. The students will use a number chart to assist them as they practice. Recognizing patterns as they count through the decades will also assist them with this skill.