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Welcome to Third Grade!!

I am very excited to be your child's teacher this year for both in-person as well as remote instruction.  If you ever need to contact me for anything, please email me at

I can also be reached at school (732) 872-1476, Room #202

Mrs. Susan Cusson-Raimonda




3rd Grade Homework:


Remote instruction will be communicated through Google Classroom.

Monday:   ELA page / I-Ready Math / Reading Log (15 min)   

Tuesday:  ELA page / I-Ready Math / Reading Log (15 min)

Wednesday(Remote Instruction) / Reading Log (15 min) 

Thursday:  ELA page / I-Ready Math / Reading Log (15 min)

Friday:   No Homework 

               WAX MUSEUM - MARCH 2021 (TBA)

Reading Logs
Reading Log entries will be done Monday through Thursday only. Entries are not required on Fridays, weekends, holidays or breaks. Summaries will be done monthly.




Grading Policy

Third Grade

Score of 95 - 100  (A+)     Score of 90 - 94  (A)      Check ++ (100)

Score of 85 - 89  (B+)       Score of 80 - 84  (B)      Check + (88)    

Score of 75 - 79  (C+)       Score of 70 - 74  (C)      Check (78)  Check - (72)
Score of 65 - 69  (D)      Score below 65  (F)        Check -- (67)

High Honor Roll - acquires all A's on report card per marking period

Honor Roll - acquires all A's and B's on report card per marking period  



Super Star Students

Each child in our class has the opportunity to become a Super Star Student.  This entails climbing our Clip-Up Chart which is displayed in the front of the classroom.  Any student who makes it to the top for good behavior/participation/following instructions/being helpful, etc. will receive a certificate and a prize to show how much their efforts are appreciated.

 SPECIALS for Mrs. Cusson's 3rd grade homeroom students:

MondayPhys. Ed 

TuesdayPhys. Ed and STEM 

WednesdayMedia and Art (Virtual)





"Virtual" Back to School Night - Thursday, September 24th at 6:00 pm


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