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HIB Information

New Jersey has been a leader in establishing a strong statutory, regulatory policy and program framework to support the prevention, remediation, and reporting of HIB in schools.  Provided below are information and resources regarding the history of HIB law, recent updates, and reporting forms. Please contact the HES staff listed below should you need further information.


Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights (including 2022 amendments)


HIB Reporting Link


HIB Reporting Form


HIB Report 


New Jersey State HIB Grade Report 2022-2023: 72/78 points


Anti Bullying Coordinator

Dr. William Jacoutot, Principal - 732.872.1476  


Anti Bullying Specialist 

Ms. Kristen Kinsella

732.872.1476 Ext. 24


Anti Bullying Specialist 

Ms. Erin Smith

732.872.1476 Ext 16