Grade 4

Bienvenidos Clase del 4to Grado 2021

  email: [email protected]             telephone:732-872-1476

Classroom :Remote Instruction will be communicating through google Classroom

1. Sign into your Google Classroom and hit the "join class" button 
2. Enter our class code: 

 Grading policy
Students are expected to arrive to class every day on time, ready to participate and learn. Classroom participation is an essential component in Spanish class and is included in classwork grades.
95-100 A+     75-79 C+                  
90-94 A         70-74 C
85-89 B+       65-69 D
80-84 B        below 65 (F)

                             UNIT 1
Review Greetings : All about me- likes and dislikes- weather- calendar