Grade 5

Bienvenidos clase del 5
to Grado 2021

Mérida: Yucatán's White City  

Students are expected to arrive to class every day on time, ready to participate and learn. Classroom participation is an essential component in Spanish class and is included in classwork grades.Please be advised that parents will be contacted if student start missing any main assignments.

Grading policy:

  • Projects                                    30%
  • Test                                         20%
  • Quizzes                                    15%
  • Oral participation/class work       25%                          
  • Homework                                10%

             UNIT 1

lesson topics 
- Intro to formal greetings and review basic greetings 
- Hispanic Heritage month 2021

 " Hispanic Heritage month-Biographies"

-classroom assignments
-Classroom google code for 5th grade is 


Ahu Akivi, Los Siete Moais En Isla De Pascua

Ahu Akivi, Los Siete Moais En Isla De Pascua