Fun and Educational-Mock Trial By Jury

Fun and Educational-Mock Trial By Jury
Posted on 06/01/2017
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HIGHLANDS, NJ MAY 25, 2017 –The 3rd Grade Students of Highlands Elementary were faced with a difficult decision on Thursday as the Big Bad Wolf was put on trial for the dwelling destruction and subsequent consumption of Two Little Piggies.  The trial was tied into a language arts lesson and based off the book The True Story of the Three Little Pigs  by John Scieszka.  The case was presided over by 2nd and 3rd  Grade Social Studies and Reading Language Arts Teacher/Judge Susan Cusson.  

Second Grade students representing the prosecution and defense pled their case and questioned witnesses as they attempted to sway the jury and reach a verdict in their favor.  The witnesses, who were properly sworn in by the bailiff, were able to shed some light on the events leading up to the alleged crime.  

The single remaining Piggie, responding police officers, Granny Wolf, local grocer, and Big Bad Wolf himself all took the stand to submit their testimony.  The Wolf, who claims he was merely in search of sugar to make a traditional birthday cake for his Granny, was adamant that it was a severe cold that caused him to blow the Piggies house down.  Meanwhile, the prosecution alleges that the cake explanation was nothing more than a clever cover story by B.B. Wolf to mask his real desire for a ham dinner at the Piggies expense.  Following closing arguments, the jury deliberated for approximately eight minutes before returning a guilty verdict.

Highlands Elementary is committed to providing its student body with unique experiences that encourage tremendous academic achievement.  This exercise was a fun and interactive way for the children to learn about the American Judiciary System, language arts, and government.  Students were afforded the opportunity to take part in the procedural processes associated with a jury trial and ultimately were given the power to deliver a final verdict.  

The performance was put on three times that day with a different jury presiding each time.  The afternoon showing was put on in front of the parents and received rave reviews.   Teacher Susan Cusson is dedicated to instilling knowledge in her students regarding government, social studies, and due process.  She was thrilled to see the students so engaged and took note of their feedback on the performance.

“I thought B.B. Wolf was innocent, but it was more exciting to see him proven guilty.” (3rd Grade Student)

“I didn’t know social studies could be so much fun, I can’t wait for my mom to be on the jury.” (2nd Grade Student)

mock trial
mock trial

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