Science Fair Promotes Environmental Awareness

Science Fair Promotes Environmental Awareness
Posted on 06/01/2017
Ms. Recycle America


HIGHLANDS, NJ MAY 17, 2017 –The students of Highlands Elementary put their artistic and scientific abilities on display at this year’s annual Science Fair.  The theme of the event was rooted in recycling products to create art and inspire environmental awareness.  This is a concept that is supported by Principal Rosemary Schutz, who is committed to creating a greener environment for her students and staff.

“Highlands Elementary has made a concerted effort to promote renewable resources and environmental awareness.  We are currently working towards receiving our Sustainable New Jersey Certification for Schools which will distinguish us as an environmentally conscious district.  I am very proud of our students and staff” –Rosemary Schutz (Principal)

The fair included student contributions from every grade level, with approximately 75 projects on display in total for all to enjoy.  Students drew their inspiration for their creations from a variety of resources and experiences.   One 3rd grade student collected nearly 300 pieces of garbage off of a local beach recently, sparking them to construct something to promote the conservation of our oceans.  Another proposed the benefits of using water as an alternative fuel source.  

The kindergarten was also well represented.  They worked together to craft a dress out of recycled plastic bags which was worn proudly by “Ms. Recycle America” Kindergarten teacher Colleen Acerra.  Other notable projects included an explanation of The Life Cycle of the Butterfly, Water Conversation, Fun Ways to Recycle at Home, and How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.  

Teacher Emily David worked very closely with students leading up to the event and was thrilled to see their efforts receive proper recognition.

“I am incredibly proud of the student’s hard work.  Highlands Elementary is filled with great minds and is committed to fostering the next environmentally conscious generation of adolescents -Emily David (Highlands Faculty)


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