FOUR Boards Organize - Including the new PK-12 Transition Board

Last night, the three current Boards of Education of the Henry Hudson Tri-District held their organization meetings. In addition, the historic newly-formed, Henry Hudson Regional PK-12 Transition Board was also seated and organized. 
The new Henry Hudson Regional PK-12 Transition Board members and newly elected President and Vice President are:
Henry Hudson Regional PK-12 Transition Board
President: Cory Wingerter (AHES BOE)
Vice President: Irene Campbell (HES BOE)
Appointed Members:
Allison Jacobs (AHES BOE)
Karin Masina (AHES BOE)
Diane Knox (HES BOE)
Rebecca Wells (HES BOE)
Richard Doust (HHRS BOE - Atlantic Highlands)
Don Krueger (HHRS BOE - Highlands)
Riky Stock (HHRS BOE - Highlands)
During the organization meetings of the current Boards, new and returning members of the Boards of Education were sworn in and Board Presidents and Vice Presidents were elected for the remainder of the Boards' terms:
Atlantic Highlands Board of Education 
President: Karin Masina 
Vice President: Cory Wingerter                                                 
Re-elected members: 
Melissa Baxendine
Molly Murphy 
Daniel Sutton
Highlands Board of Education
President: Rebecca Wells
Vice President: Robyn Sanfratello
Re-elected & New Members
Allison Nonnemacher (swear-in date 1/22/24)
Melissa Reeves
Rebecca Wells
Henry Hudson Regional  Board
President: Clair Kozic
Vice President: Richard Doust
Re-elected & New Members
Ellen Bollinger
Carolyn Conover
Noreen Higgins
Congratulations to all of the Board of Education Members and the Leadership! Great things are happening in the Tri-District!